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My Clinical Practice

Birch TreesMy patients come from all walks of life and numerous cultural and ethnic backgrounds. They are male and female, adult and adolescent, doctors, lawyers, engineers, plumbers, business people, teachers, electricians, truck drivers, athletes, musicians, artists, police and soldiers. They are alcoholics, drug addicts, suffer from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, marital issues, school issues, grief and angst. They are human beings in pain.

Every patient presents with unique problems, cultural influences, and history. My eclectic training and broad base of experience allows me to formulate truly individualized treatment plans.

I am direct, honest, and not always the most tactful of people. I believe that the ability to laugh during psychotherapy, especially at ourselves, is essential. I do not believe it fair to keep you guessing so I often have more to say than other therapists; you will know what I think and why. I work relatively quickly, requiring homework assignments that involve things to do or think about between sessions. (Please don’t be concerned, these assignments seldom require writing and are never graded.) Questions of any kind are always welcome.

I began working with individuals and couples in October of 1977 after receiving my Master’s Degree in Existential Humanistic Counseling from Boston University. I received my Doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in January of 1984 and was licensed as a Psychologist/Health Care Provider in January of 1985. I hold two certificates of specialization in substance abuse treatment. I was deeply influenced by three years of personal Jungian therapy and possess significant education and training in gestalt, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, group, and family/systems treatment. Please view my resume for more about my training and experience.